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Clean Water Divided Mop Bucket Kit #KIT-DBMOP

Better Cleaning Results!

2 chambers – 1 for clean solution and the other for rinsing and wringing. Keeps your mop water cleaner longer which allows your mop head to do a better job of picking up dirt and then releasing dirt into the Rinse/Wring Chamber. Better drying results also with less film build-up. The Kit includes: 3 medium microfiber mop heads – any color mix/match(Blue, Green, Red)


  • (1) Divided Mop Bucket
  • (1) Side Press Wringer
  • (3) Microfiber Tub Mops (any color combo)
  • Free Shipping


Microfiber Tube Mop – Self Cleaning Mop

For Better Cleaning Results!

Microfiber Tube Mops pick up and release more dirt into the Rinse/Wring Chamber than a traditional mop for better end results. Tired of film on the floor? Dirty mop heads and dirty mop water are the two main culprits. Microfiber Tube Mops and the Clean Water Mop Bucket will solve that problem.

Description Price Each: Qty 1-5(mix/match colors) Price Each: Qty 6+(mix/match colors)
Microfiber Tube Mop – Medium 9.50 9.15