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Pet Disease Bulletins

The ProVetLogic series of pet disease bulletins focuses on recurring problems seen by animal care professionals. Some are specific to certain animals, such as Cat Scratch Fever, while others may impact multiple species.

We make these available to you and are happy to discuss with you the success stories that our clients send us.

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Feline Diseases

HotZone Disease from Cats

HotZone Cat Scratch Disease

HotZone Panleukopenia Feline Distemper

HotZone Feline Calici Virus

HotZone Flyer Rabies Infection and Animals

HotZone Flyer Lyme Disease and Animals

Canine Diseases

HotZone Flyer Canine Influenze

HotZone Flyer Canine ParvoVirus

HotZone Flyer Lyme Disease and Animals

HotZone Flyer Ringworm

HotZone Flyer Diseases from Dogs

Other Bulletins

Hot Zone Flyer Bleach

HotZone Flyer Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis and Crohns disease

HotZone Flyer Lyme Disease and Animals

Toxic Ammonia Equine

Big Cat Zone Cleaning Protocol

PVL Touch Points: Disinfectants Versus Organic Matter

Raccoon Roundworm Infection

Giardia Transmission Cleaning Protocol

Update on FDA Final Rule for Consumer Antiseptic Hand Wash Products