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Self Cleaning Tube Mop, Red – #MF-RED-MD


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Self Cleaning Tube Mop, Blue – #MF-RED-MD

Stop Spreading Dirt! Eliminate Old Outdated Mops! Use Microfiber Tube Mops

Microfiber Tube Mops remove 5 times more dirt than cotton mops.

Microfiber Tube Mops rinse out 5 times better than cotton! If you are in a high traffic area with lots of organic dirt i.e veterinary clinic, animal shelter, kennel or pet hotel you will see a difference vs cotton string mop heads.

Also, these can be turned inside out to continue using before washing.

These can be washed in the washing machine and dried in a dryer. Laundry Instructions.

For Optimal results: If used daily, replace after 3-4 months.

Use the Clean Water Mop Bucket for more efficient rinsing.

Veterinary Clinics/ Animal Shelters

Green is for general cleaning and disinfecting.

Red is for Isolation/Parvo cleaning and disinfecting.

Blue is for Animal Shelter Clinics.

For Best Results use with the Clean Water Mop Bucket.


Use Animal Facility Disinfectant at Parvo Level. Make a fresh batch when needed. Using the V99 ProLoc Dispenser for quick, easy and accurate dilution.

Use Kennel & Turf Care in large kennel areas where odor control is needed and drains are not available.

HD Cleaner & Degreaser works well in getting ground in grease and oils out of porous materials such as concrete. Best to dry mop up afterwards to get the grease and oil that has come out of the sub surface into the mop bucket.



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Green, Red, Blue


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