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ProVetLogic ProLoc Dilution Dispenser

ProVetLogic ProLoc Dispenser  – The secure system for economically dispensing Animal facility Disinfectant and controlling product dilution rates. General level and Parvo level.

Free Lifetime Replacement

Should the ProLoc Dispenser ever not work properly we will send you a refurbished replacement unit at no cost(no shipping fee) as long as you send the old unit back to us at our cost and purchase the Animal Facility Disinfectant(V01-.5MN-4) from us. Return packaging is provided. Before sending it back we ask that you contact us by email( to schedule a Face Time or Google Duo session with us for troubleshooting tips to make sure it is the dispenser that isn’t working properly. Note: All ProLoc Dispensers and Animal Facility Disinfectant bottles are pre-tested for accuracy before shipping.