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Vikan 24″ Revolving Neck Squeegee – 7764x


Qty:2-4 (Mix or Match Colors) Qty: 5+ (Mix or Match Colors)
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Handles sold separately.

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Vikan 24″ Revolving Neck Squeegee – 7764x

Ideal for removing water and food debris from all types of flooring, this double-bladed cell rubber squeegee can be used with any Vikan handle. The cassette can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement (Series 77745 or 77749 for replacement blades).

Revolving Neck Squeegees are excellent on all types of floors as the soft rubber foam reaches into the spaces on floor (like grouting between tiles)

The swivel motion of the neck allows for smooth gliding around corners and stationary equipment.

The blade cartridge can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement of a worn blade.

Sold a la carte. Click here for the different handles that will fit your facility and employees’ needs(height and grip).

Color Coding helps prevent cross contamination: Get sets of tools in different colors for different area of your facility. For instance:

Green for Apdoption,

Yellow for Strays,

Red for isolation/quarantine,

Blue for the Veterinary Clinic

White for Front lobby area.

Available in: Green Blue, Red, White, Yellow″ Revolving Neck Squeegee – GreenReplacement Blades are available in Black also(#77749)

These items are drop shipped from the mfg facility by FedEx. Expect 5-7 business days for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 7 × 7 in

Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow