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Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun #V97

ProFoam2 is a hose end32 oz. foamer offering automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how ProVetLogic concentrated cleaning solutions are applied. Application of diluted solutions with the ProFoam2 hose-end proportioner is easy. On and off functions are finger-tip controlled using a trigger on the spray nozzle. To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to operate quick coupler, which is designed to allow either a full width spray or powerful jet stream when rinsing. This range of control helps animal care personnel put the solution only where it’s wanted. The handle on the containers increase the operator’s control over application. ProFoam2 eliminates the time and hassle of manually mixing concentrates, which not only increases labor productivity, but also increases concentrate performance because the solutions are consistently mixed as directed by the manufacturer. Since concentrates are mixed only as they’re applied, they are fresh and will perform at peak power, and waste is minimized.

Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Lid Assembly #10061501

Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Lid Assembly Fits the 48-ounce Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Solution Bottle. The Quick Coupler attaches to …

Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Quick Coupler #10061500

Quick Coupler for the Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun makes it easy to connect and disconnect the spray nozzle from the spray bottle and lid – all without needing to go turn off the water at the faucet or turning a shut-off knob.


Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Solution Bottle 48 oz #688202

Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Solution Bottle 48 oz Safely holds the concentrated solution. The Lid Assembly screws onto the Solution Bottle. …

Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun Spray Nozzle #10083710

This is the Pro Foam 2 multi-dilution gun spray nozzle and attaches to any standard garden hose. It has threads on the distal end for the Quick Coupler to screw onto thus making the quick connection with the Lid Assembly.

Pro Foam Ultra One Shot – #V16-HE

Container Size: 64 Ounces (NOTE: Selling point, as most other products are only 32-ounces)

Pro Foam Ultra is designed to lift and emulsify encrusted soils on hard surfaces for the removal of grease, protein-based soils and organic residues from vertical and horizontal surfaces.  Its high foaming properties allow Pro Foam Ultra to cling to all surfaces, providing excellent cleaning action. Pro Foam Ultra is nonflammable and nontoxic. Pro Foam Ultra may be used in a variety of cleaning applications where its high detergency and foaming will get the job done.

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