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ProMop Quick Clean Pads – Microfiber #SMPAD19

Polypropylene scrubbing strips for better deep grout line cleaning.
The mops have an additional layer of microfiber for fluid retention versus a layer of
foam for more bacteria resistance.
Excellent launder ability. Can be washed and reused hundreds of times.
Great for quick cleanups and turning treatment rooms faster.

Quick Clean Microfiber Pads 10″ Washable #SM10PAD

These quick clean microfiber pads have scrubbing strips on them with durable velcro on the back to be used with the Hand Trowel or the Wall Wash Frame for quick dusting, cleaning or drying of touch surfaces such as table tops, exam tables, counter tops, walls or windows. They are 10″ in length and come in a 6 pack. Very durable. Will wash 100’s of times before losing effectiveness. Laundry Instructions.