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Pro-Blend Fluid Proportioner PVL66091

The ProVetLogic Pro-Blend fluid proportioner turns our gallon and half-gallon bottle of concentrate into a convenient and mobile dilution control system

Easy-to-Use: It’s as simple as turn, squeeze, pour. Instantly measures from ¼ oz. up to 3 oz. of liquid. The directions are right on the proportioner!

Saves Money: Reduces product waste and eliminates the need for costly proportioning systems. Reusable!

It’s Mobile: Allows you to safely transport the cleaner or disinfectant to the job site. Dispense into and fill spray bottles, refillable wipe canisters and mop buckets. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications!

ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station


The ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station is the complete system for setting up and implementing an effective disease prevention protocol.

The ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station is an effective, safe and economical alternative for diluting and dispensing Animal Facility Disinfectant into mop buckets, spray bottles and refillable wiping system canisters.

The compact design makes it the perfect choice for Veterinary Hospitals, Catteries, Animal Shelters, Groomers and Retail Pet Stores.

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Free Lifetime Replacement

Should the ProLoc Dispenser ever not work properly we will send you a refurbished replacement unit at no cost(no shipping fee) as long as you send the old unit back to us at our cost and purchase the Animal Facility Disinfectant(V01-.5MN-4) from us. Return packaging is provided. Before sending it back we ask that you contact us by email( to schedule a Face Time or Google Duo session with us for troubleshooting tips to make sure it is the dispenser that isn’t working properly. Note: All ProLoc Dispensers and Animal Facility Disinfectant bottles are pre-tested for accuracy before shipping.