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Vikan 10.4″ High-Low Brush, Medium – 7047X

Effectively clean and scrub floor-wall junctions and under machines and equipment with this High-Low Brush, featuring an angled thread that lets you use the brush with the handle positioned parallel to the floor. Also ideal for cleaning drains and gulleys.


Vikan 10″ Dustpan broom w/ angled thread, medium bristles – 3103X

A very effective, lightweight broom that can be used for sweeping both dry and wet debris. The brush pattern is designed using 2 filament diameters. The outer row of filaments is softer than the middle row, which gives a very effective sweeping quality. The filaments under the scraping edge are angled to facilitate sweeping close to walls and corners as well as under workbenches etc. An effective scraping edge has been implemented in the design to enable loosening stubborn debris from the surface.

Vikan 9″ Crevice Scrub, ES Bristles – 7040X

Effectively clean beneath and between machines and equipment with an angle-adjustable Crevice Scrub that can even be used with the handle parallel to the floor. The arrow-shaped filaments reach into small cracks and crevices, while a middle row of stiff filaments provides high scrubbing efficacy.

Vikan Aluminum Handle 33″ – 2931X

33” Aluminum Handle Short Reach for Kennel & Carrier makes scrubbing kennel side walls made easier when attaching this 33″ aluminum handle to the Adjustable Angled Brush (7067). Use the color coding system to keep handles, brushes and squeegees in their proper areas. For example Green for Adoptable Kennels, Yellow for Stray kennels, Red for Isolation & Quarantine, Blue for the Veterinary Clinic within a shelter. White for others areas. Click on the Color options tab and order your handles today. Brushes and Squeegees sold separately.