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It costs the Animal Care Industry millions of dollars a year to treat and control the outbreak of infectious agents?

Southwest Vet Source is Here for YOU!

At Southwest Vet Source, our mission is to help our customers achieve the results they desire by providing quality animal health and hygiene products. We constantly are looking for new ways to help our customers improve efficiencies and provide a cleaner and safer environment for their customers’ pets that are entrusted to them.

ProVetLogic is an educational support and product solution company for animal health and hygiene.  SouthWest Vet Source is a proud distributor of the ProVetLogic brand, primarily servicing the west Texas and New Mexico market.

We have established routes to customers and deliver products for free in this area, and will ship nationwide.  Any order over $149.00 has free shipping as well.

You can order on-line or call 1- (806) 548-2631.