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Wall Wash Frame W/ Telescopic Handle #WWF-Telehan


Reach high areas for dusting and cleaning.

The Wall Wash Frame and Telescopic Handle work together with 10″ Microfiber Pads for dusting and cleaning high windows and walls. 81″ reach.

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Reach the High Spots!

The Wall Wash Frame with the Telescopic Handle allows you to reach up to 81″ above your arm reach to clean windows and walls.


The Wall Wash Frame is similar to the Hand Trowel. It is used with the 10″ Microfiber Pads for cleaning & dusting high windows, and walls. it is made of durable thick plastic with a velcro plastic pad that is riveted in for lifetime usage.

It has a C-clamp and tightening nut for the telescopic handle.


The telescopic handle is made of aluminum with blue plastic grip. It extends to 81″ and tightens by twisting the handle tight. It is light weight but durable. Longer sizes are available upon request. Feel free to email for information.


GCPAD10 are smooth microfiber pads for glass, window and stainless steel cleaning and polishing. Use with our Glass Pro Window Cleaner which is only 27¢ per usable quart.

SM10GRE, SM10RED, SM10BLU – are thicker pads for dusting and cleaning walls and other touch areas. Use Animal Facility Disinfectant, Kennel & Turf Care, HD Cleaner & Degreaser, Animal Facility Spray & Wipe RTU Parvo Disinfectant and Who Done It? Pet Stain & Odor Remover.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 36 in


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