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The Cattery Cleanup Kit – PVL-CK-1


This Product includes:

  • 1 – 32 oz AcuPro bottle of Animal Facility Disinfectant
  • 1- Refillable Canister with Roll of Towels
  • 2-Rolls of Refillable Towels. 160 each roll
  • 1-32 oz Measuring Cup
  • 1- Sink & Cage Brush (#42372, Green)
  • 1- Cattery Protocol(laminated)


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The Cattery Cleanup Kit – PVL-CK-1

The Cattery Cleanup Kit provides a stress free and upper respiratory free alternative for cleaning catteries, carriers and transport vehicles.

ProVetLogic, a leader in providing educational support and product solutions specifically for the care of cats (big & small), has designed a complete kit for reducing the spread of infectious agents in the home, business and transport vehicle.

As a result, The Cattery Cleanup Kit is an excellent alternative for:

Feline Rescue Facilities
Shelter Catteries
Hospital Catteries
Pet Store Cleanup Teams
Transport Vehicles
Carriers, Cages & Crates