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Spray Bottles – Hot Zone Labeled #V01-12QTW


Each “HOT ZONE” kit includes 12/32-Ounces Bottles, 12/Trigger Sprayers and 4 each of the following, color coded peel and stick labels:
  • RED: Isolation/Quarantine
  • GREEN: General Disinfection
  • YELLOW Bird
  • BLUE: Cat

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Hot Zone Labeled Spray Bottles V01-12QTW

Spray Bottles tend to wander around different parts of the clinic or hospital. This labeling system by ProVetLogic will help keep each bottle where it belongs.

  • Sanitation SystemFor use with our V01 Animal & Facility Disinfectant.
  • Packed 12/32-ounce bottles, with 12 triggers sprayers and 4 each peel & stick labels (Isolation, General, Bird & Cat) per case.

The ProVetLogic “HOT ZONE” Spray Triggers can be set at a course spray to reduce chemical overspray and the potential for URI (upper respiratory illness) in sensitive species such as felines and birds. The ProVetLogic “HOT ZONE” bottles will maintain product efficacy for up to 30 days.

“HOT ZONE” Sanitation System – Spray Bottle and Label System for developing specific animal cleaning protocols.
Each “HOT ZONE” kit includes 12/32-Ounces Bottles, 12/Trigger Sprayers and 4 each of the following, color coded peel and stick labels:
  • RED: Isolation/Quarantine
  • GREEN: General Disinfection
  • YELLOW Bird
  • BLUE: Cat


The Complete Sanitation System includes a case of the Hot Zone Spray Bottles. Click here to learn more how this System can help you be more efficient in keeping different areas of your hospital clean and properly disinfected.
The ProLoc Dispenser has quick disconnect fill hoses so each bottle can be quickly filled from either the green or red side. The correct dilution level is alway dispensed thus saving money on your Animal Facility Disinfectant.
To see a video on how easy it is to switch the fill hoses from each side watch this short video.
 Product Note: The spray bottles will fill up quickly when using the ProLoc Dispenser. Be ready to let go of the button. The bottles are opaque for a good reason: Any type of light will degrade the quality of a disinfectant that has been in a concentrated form and mixed with water. If you use clear spray bottles to keep the bottles stored in a dark location like inside a cabinet. The Hot Zone Spray Bottles don’t have this problem since they are opaque. You can feel assured that the integrity of the Animal Facility Disinfectant is not degrading over time.

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