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ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station



The ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station is the complete system for setting up and implementing an effective disease prevention protocol.

The ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station is an effective, safe and economical alternative for diluting and dispensing Animal Facility Disinfectant into mop buckets, spray bottles and refillable wiping system canisters.

The compact design makes it the perfect choice for Veterinary Hospitals, Catteries, Animal Shelters, Groomers and Retail Pet Stores.

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Free Lifetime Replacement

Should the ProLoc Dispenser ever not work properly we will send you a refurbished replacement unit at no cost(no shipping fee) as long as you send the old unit back to us at our cost and purchase the Animal Facility Disinfectant(V01-.5MN-4) from us. Return packaging is provided. Before sending it back we ask that you contact us by email( to schedule a Face Time or Google Duo session with us for troubleshooting tips to make sure it is the dispenser that isn’t working properly. Note: All ProLoc Dispensers and Animal Facility Disinfectant bottles are pre-tested for accuracy before shipping.

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ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station

ProVetLogic Disinfectant Hospital Station  allows you to control dilution levels to get the right amount of Animal Facility Disinfectant for the situation. Green button dispenses at 1.25 ounce per gallon and Red button dispenses for when you need Parvo strength after a Parvo problem in the clinic or shelter.

UNIQUE to the ProLoc Wall Mounted Dispenser: The fill hoses have a quick disconnect for easy and quick change for your needs. see this video to see how easy it is to get either General level or Parvo level in a Hot Zone Spray Labeled Bottle, Refillable Wiping System Canister or ProMop Bucketless Mop System with the short fill hose or to fill your mop bucket with the long fill hose.

The Animal Facility Disinfectant Hospital Station is excellent for veterinary clinical areas. The ProLoc Dispenser is small enough to fit into the janitorial closet or if space is very tight over a washing machine. No electricity is needed. A Y-valve is included to draw from a water spout where clean water is also needed.

Each kit includes:

1 ProLoc Dispenser

1  Case of Animal Facility Disinfectant (4) 0.5 gallon bottles

1 Refillable Canister with 160 Sheet Towel Roll. 4 packs or 40 pack refillable wipes available separately.

1 Dozen Labeled Spray Bottles

Avoid the “glug-glug” method Do you have one employee that likes more fragrance so puts glue-glugs a few more ounces in the mop water? Do you have an employee that thinks that half as much will do? The ProLoc Dispenser prevents that and makes sure you are not using too much chemical but just the right amount for the job. Avoid waste and go with the Animal Facility Disinfectant Hospital Station.

The ProLoc Dispenser mounts on any wall surface and can be installed in less than 20 minutes. No electricity is needed only a water faucet to hook the water intake hose to. For example, a garden hose faucet, a washing machine cold water faucet, a sink with a faucet  with male thread on the outside. Each ProLoc includes a Y-splitter valve to thread onto a faucet to feed the dispenser and to also feed water to a washing machine or garden hose. Not recommended with pressurized lines to toilets or dog baths unless a certified plumber does the installation. Feel free to call with questions.




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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in