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Clean Water Divided Mop Bucket w/ Side Wringer


Better Cleaning Results!

2 chambers – 1 for clean solution and the other for rinsing and wringing. Keeps your mop water cleaner longer which allows your mop head to do a better job of picking up dirt and then releasing dirt into the Rinse/Wring Chamber. Better drying results also with less film build-up. Designed to be used with our Microfiber Tube Mops.

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Clean Water Mop Bucket

Better cleaning results!

Clean Water Mop Bucket  has a  mop bucket divider that keeps clean solution separated from dirty rinse water.

Put clean solution in the front chamber (Clean Chamber).

Rinse and Wring in the back chamber (Rinse/Wring Chamber).

Side handle wringer for better wringing and longer lasting than top handles.

Wheels are replaceable so no need to throw out the whole mop bucket

You will get better cleaning results than regular mop buckets.

Designed to be used with our Microfiber Tube Mops.

Instructions: Put 1 gallon of fresh water in the Rinse/Wring Chamber. Put 3.5 gallons (3/4 full) of the diluted cleaning solution in the Clean Chamber. For Wet Mopping: Dip mop into the Clean Chamber, let excess water drip back in the Clean Chamber, mop the floor area, rinse the mop in the Rinse/Wring Chamber, then wring out. Dip back into the Clean Chamber and repeat.

For Dry(Damp) Mopping: Dip into the Clean Chamber, let excess drip back into the Clean Chamber, wring out the mop(Rinse/Wring Chamber), then start mopping. Rinse and wring in the Rinse/Wring Chamber, and start again.

By initially putting fresh water in the Rinse/Wring Chamber the mop head will release more dirt and keeps Clean Chamber solution cleaner longer and you will get better results.

Easy to maneuver and stores easily in small areas!

Microfiber Tube Mops are the best!

The Clean Water Mop Bucket works great with our Microfiber Tube Mops which come in green or red(medium), blue or white(large). These pick up 5 times more dirt than cotton mop heads and there is no break-in period. Microfiber Tube Mops can be laundered 100’s of times before discarding. If using every day it is recommended to replace every 3-4 months. The ends are banded so they won’t tangle up in washer and dryer. Can be dried in the dryer. For laundry instructions go to


Use Animal Facility Disinfectant at General level. Let air dry. Using the V99 ProLoc Dispenser for quick, easy and accurate dilution.

Use Kennel & Turf Care in large kennel areas where odor control is needed and drains are not available.

HD Cleaner & Degreaser works well in getting ground in grease and oils out of porous materials such as concrete. Best to dry mop up afterwards to get the grease and oil that has come out of the sub surface into the mop bucket.

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