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12″ x 12″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloths #CL-12Pack

12″ x 12″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloths These high quality microfiber cloths improve cleaning results by attracting dirt, pet hair, oil build up. …

18″ Velcro Frame #VFRAME

18″ Velcro Frame Swivels 360 degrees. 3 Velcro strips are hard plastic and won’t peel away. Easy to clean if needed. Works …

Telescoping Handle – 45″ – 72″ long #TELEHAN

This aluminum silver handle with blue handle extends from 45″ to 72″ long to make it easier to work with depending on the height of the person.

Velcro Dust Mop – 18″ #V18

Re-usable, washable microfiber dust mop with looped ends. Pair with the 18″ Velcro Frame and the telescoping handle.

Works quickly and quietly on smaller rooms and hallways such as clinics and homes. the Velcro Frame swivels 360 degrees to get under low objects.

Price is for 1 each even though the picture has 2 mops.