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Hand Trowel

EZ Grip Handle – use with 10″ Microfiber Pads

The 10″ Blue Hand Trowel is used with the 10″ Microfiber Pads. it is made of durable plastic and has an EZ grip handle for arthritic handles. the underside has hard plastic velcro which has plastic rivets for long term durability.

Quick Clean Microfiber Pads 10″ Washable

These quick clean microfiber pads have scrubbing strips on them with durable velcro on the back to be used with the Hand Trowel or the Wall Wash Frame for quick dusting, cleaning or drying of touch surfaces such as table tops, exam tables, counter tops, walls or windows. They are 10″ in length and come in a 6 pack. Very durable. Will wash 100’s of times before losing effectiveness. Laundry Instructions.

Wall Wash Frame W/ Telescopic Handle

Reach high areas for dusting and cleaning.

The Wall Wash Frame and Telescopic Handle work together with 10″ Microfiber Pads for dusting and cleaning high windows and walls. 81″ reach.

Window Cleaning & Polishing Kit w/ 32 oz Glass Pro Concentrate (27¢/usable quart)

Window Cleaning & Polishing Kit w/ 32 oz Glass Pro Concentrate (27¢/usable quart). This includes (5) 10″ smooth microfiber glass pads, (1) heavy duty hand trowel with riveted velcro on the back  and (1) 32 oz squeeze bottle with measuring cup of The Glass Pro concentrated window cleaner. Only 3 oz per gallon. Makes 42 quarts.

  • Save on paper towel costs.
  • Save on glass cleaners. Make 42 usable quarts at 27¢ per quart.
  • No streaking! Pads clean and polish at same time.
  • Use on glass,  stainless steel, smooth surfaces like granite or your car after a car wash
  • Pads can be washed hundreds of times.
  • Trowel handle is rounded and good for arthritic hands.
  • Riveted velcro pads that won’t come loose or peel off over time.