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12″ x 12″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloths #CL-12Pack

12″ x 12″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloths These high quality microfiber cloths improve cleaning results by attracting dirt, pet hair, oil build up. …

18″ Velcro Frame #VFRAME

18″ Velcro Frame Swivels 360 degrees. 3 Velcro strips are hard plastic and won’t peel away. Easy to clean if needed. Works …

Hand Trowel #HTS

EZ Grip Handle – use with 10″ Microfiber Pads

The 10″ Blue Hand Trowel is used with the 10″ Microfiber Pads. it is made of durable plastic and has an EZ grip handle for arthritic handles. the underside has hard plastic velcro which has plastic rivets for long term durability.

Microfiber Tube Mop – Self Cleaning Mop

For Better Cleaning Results!

Microfiber Tube Mops pick up and release more dirt into the Rinse/Wring Chamber than a traditional mop for better end results. Tired of film on the floor? Dirty mop heads and dirty mop water are the two main culprits. Microfiber Tube Mops and the Clean Water Mop Bucket will solve that problem.

Description Price Each: Qty 1-5(mix/match colors) Price Each: Qty 6+(mix/match colors)
Microfiber Tube Mop – Medium 9.50 9.15
Quick Clean Microfiber Pads 10″ Washable #SM10PAD

These quick clean microfiber pads have scrubbing strips on them with durable velcro on the back to be used with the Hand Trowel or the Wall Wash Frame for quick dusting, cleaning or drying of touch surfaces such as table tops, exam tables, counter tops, walls or windows. They are 10″ in length and come in a 6 pack. Very durable. Will wash 100’s of times before losing effectiveness. Laundry Instructions.

Sorbup Mop Heads #PVL14053

Sold 12/pack

  • Disposable- change out monthly for best results(that rule applieds to all mop heads>0
  • More sanitary than cotton mops
  • Doesn’t hold odors like cotton mops
  • Looks cleaner longer
  • 100% Post-industrial recycled material
  • Uses less material than cotton
  • Limited to no linting
  • No break-in required
  • Handle not included
Telescoping Handle – 45″ – 72″ long #TELEHAN

This aluminum silver handle with blue handle extends from 45″ to 72″ long to make it easier to work with depending on the height of the person.

Velcro Dust Mop – 18″ #V18

Re-usable, washable microfiber dust mop with looped ends. Pair with the 18″ Velcro Frame and the telescoping handle.

Works quickly and quietly on smaller rooms and hallways such as clinics and homes. the Velcro Frame swivels 360 degrees to get under low objects.

Price is for 1 each even though the picture has 2 mops.

Vikan HyGo Mobile Cleaning Station – 5700x

Vikan’s HyGo is the food and beverage industry’s first mobile cleaning station to combine hygiene, efficiency, and maneuverability in a purpose-built solution. Beyond elevating cleaning efforts, HyGo also conquers space challenges, lost equipment, and wasted time. HyGo easily navigates tight spaces like doorways with its narrow frame and 360-degree wheels. The tool modules and brackets can be customised and can adapt as your needs change. As standard, the tool brackets can mount up to five tools. With additional brackets purchased and added to it, the HyGo can hold up to 12 mounted tools. The two rear castors can be locked. The upper tray can carry up to 26 lbs. and the lower tray can carry up to 44 lbs. HyGo can be disassembled, and the individual parts can be dry cleaned or wet cleaned.

Order 2 or more of any color combination 379.95 each
Wall Wash Frame W/ Telescopic Handle #WWF-Telehan

Reach high areas for dusting and cleaning.

The Wall Wash Frame and Telescopic Handle work together with 10″ Microfiber Pads for dusting and cleaning high windows and walls. 81″ reach.